Remove Unproductive Workers

I don’t like cheaters working near me.

Since 0850, Josie and the “safety coordinator” are discussing her work station. She is complaining about the chair hurting her back, the keyboard and table being in the way of her looking up at the two computer monitors. So Perry took photos if her and the workstation and told her there is no easy solution. He left at 0915 AM.

Overall, she is using the delay tactic of avoiding work by holding a stack of “Employee Expense Reports” since yesterday. She is intentionally using/taking advantage me/of the opportunity to do her job. As a result, I refuse to pick up the stacks of “EER” from her black wire tray.

To the “winos and spirits”, try implementing an online expense system to reduce her job and paperwork. There is too much scanning and photocopying of these envelops. Also, a nice electric patent system for vendors/customers would help a great deal in cutting down scanning and filing these invoices.

You see, this smoker reminds me of another co-worker from 1993. Leslie, our young Japanese manager, inquired of a middle-aged Filipina and her work load. Since there was little to no work to do, the smoker blamed the 10-key calculator for not getting her work done!

“See? The calculator is NOT work!” Said the smoker as she demonstrated to Leslie how the keys slowed her work.

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